October Notebook


Scarface (1983); Gone Girl (2014); Videodrome (1983); Eastern Promises (2007); They Live (1988); 12 Angry Men (1957); Psycho (1960); Blue Velvet (1986); Stretch (2014); Bright Shining Lie (1988); Braveheart (1995); Hunger (2008); The Thomas Crown Affair (1968); Get Carter (1971); Black Sunday (1977); Fury (2014); The Killer Elite (1975); Deliverance (1972); The Magnificent Seven (1960); John Wick (2014); Raising Arizona (1987); Sunset Blvd. (1950)

Fall’s about filling in the gaps: on classics, on directors, on genre touchstones. Making progress. Every film here was a first-time viewing except for Raising Arizona, though I’d seen the first hour of Psycho and I think GTA: Vice City may have every single scene from Scarface in it.

Blue Velvet wins this one in a walk. Not into Videodrome at all (and Scanners was awesome, so I have no clue what that says). The Thomas Crown Affair is a way better existential-criminal film than ScarfaceJohn Wick had choreography approaching Raid levels. Remaking 12 Angry Men must be the most thankless task in existence, and they still try. They Live was really fun. Stretch was disappointing, anything would be after those last two though. The first hour of The Killer Elite is brilliant. Sunset Blvd. is significantly stronger whenever it’s with Joe and Betty, and hits a peak when they make up dialogue at the party.

 A Bright Shining Lie taught me a lot.

Wrote about Gone Girl here. Wrote about BraveheartHunger (and The Wind That Shakes the Barley, from last month) here.

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