Volume 1

Posts between April 2011 and May 2012.

Memory Lane
Wrapping up.

The Dinner Table
A theory of how and why films differ.

To Listen Longer
Self-help literature and David Foster Wallace.

A Cautionary Tale
Errol Morris‘ Umbrella Man.

Ultraviolet Shine Blind Forensics
A Dangerous Method and ideas in film.

Hidden Territory
Daredevil #26-40, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Gene Weingarten, Folks
The magic of a magazine profile.

First Semester
Thoughts on law school.

Not in Vain
The Harry Potter films and Hollywood franchising.

Onwards and Upwards
From the Earth to the Moon and Breaking Bad, Season 4.

A Will and a Cause

Interview: Sean Witzke
Film and comics critic.

Cold Weather and Half-Life 2.

Epilogue as Thesis
America and Al-Qaeda, 2001-2011.

I Ain’t Like That No More

Jeremiah & Augustine
Competing conceptions of President Obama’s national security policy.

Total Massacre
13 Assassins.

The Informant!The KillerGran Torino, and Ronin.

A Different-Tinted Ink
In Cold Blood.

The Established Man
Mad Men and modern television’s key archetype.

We Hid in Catacombs
Point Blank and The Archers’ Hospice.

A Configuration in Which Events Are Not Themselves
Waiting for the Barbarians and Mystery Team.

Explosions Can Make Pretty Colors
Umbrella Academy and Hesher.

While the Bullets Fly
Paths of Glory.

Interview: Matt Seneca
Comics critic and creator.

The Whole Picture
Daytripper and reading comics.

The rise and looming decline of Pixar, narrated by Hunter S. Thompson.

Tortuous Readings
The Killing and television criticism.

No Bullshit
Predator and Dog Day Afternoon.

The Art We Have
Justified‘s second season.

How Does “1901” Work?
Phoenix’s “1901.”

Moral: Be Awesome
Source Code and Groundhog Day.

Archaeology of a 2009 single.

Faster and Kill Bill.

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